Welcome to your very own Asana Client Portal!  Fancy, we know ?

This is one of the worlds leading project management tools, used to help teams work better together.  

You can access your Client Portal in the video below by signing into your account on the Asana website - https://app.asana.com

In this video, our co-founder Kyle walks you through our client portal system Asana and explains how to use all of the features.  

In this video, you're going to learn:

  • How To Use Asana 
  • Steps to get started with our agency!
  • How to share access to your accounts, including:
  • Google Analytics
  • All 4 of the needed Facebook assets ?
  • Google Search Console
  • Your Shopify or WordPress website

We will also explain our agency's processes and next steps together, so please make sure you watch it to the end and take notice of what we need from you to complete our setup process!  

Important Note: Delays can be frustrating and we need your help to avoid them due to access issues or lack of information.   Reach out to our team on support@maplehoney.co if you are unsure or prefer to stick to email!  We're here to serve so don't feel oblidged to learn this new system if it's not your jam ?

Welcome aboard, we're looking forward to working with you!