Building a Custom Audience out of your Amazon buyer data is actually pretty easy, just a bit labour intensive. All of the information you need can be found inside your reports in Seller Central. The only problem is, it cannot be uploaded to Facebook unedited. There are some manual tweaks you’ll need to perform.

Step 1: Run the report

  1. Go to Reports in Seller Central
  2. Click on Fulfilment
  3. Go to the Sales tab in Fulfilment Reports.
  4. Click on Amazon Fulfilled Shipments
  5. Input the date range and request download

The only problem with this is it doesn’t pull more than 30 days of data at a time. If you have a longer order history, this is where it can get labour intensive. You’ll need to combine multiple reports.

Once you have the report you need, click Download. Then open the file in Excel. It downloads as a .txt file, so if you have a PC and open it with the default program, it will likely open in Notepad. This will make the contents of the file appear jumbled and unorganised. Opening it in Excel will divide the data into cells.

Step 2. Fix up the columns

There will be a lot of columns you don’t need. Facebook won’t use them or know what to do with them. Delete all of the columns except for the five you will be using to get the most accurate Custom Audience matches within Facebook. Those are Name, City, State, Zip Code.

Now here’s where it gets a bit tricky. See, you only need the name, city, state and zip code. So why include the recipient name? Because Facebook needs the first and last name in separate fields. However, Amazon’s reports give the first and last name in the same cell. So they have to be manually separated.

You can manually separate the name into first and last, craft an Excel formula to do it for you, or use a virtual assistant to help you with this.

Now that you have a customer file with the proper fields filled out, head over to Facebook’s audience manager.